Commercial Food Sanitation company principals and Food Safety Specialists are all highly-regarded hygiene/sanitation experts. They have held long-term, key positions within their disciplines, with some of the world’s foremost food manufacturers. Product protection, sanitation and hygienic design functions form the core of their expertise and experience.

Get to know our team members

Darin Zehr
General Manager

Darin brings a broad base of experience to his role as General Manager for Commercial Food Sanitation, LLC. […]

Joe Stout
Senior Advisor/Founder

Joe Stout founded Commercial Food Sanitation, LLC, after a nearly thirty-year career at Kraft Foods. […]

Richard Brouillette
Food Safety Director

Starting as an industrial microbiologist, Richard quickly moved to a corporate sanitation and quality roles […]

Dan Schmitz
Director of Operations

Dan has a passion for plant operations with a focus on food safety programs. He has held plant leadership roles in operations,  […]

Lori Allen - Food Safety Director, Restaurant Lead
Food Safety Director – Restaurant Lead

Lori’s customer, restaurant, and processor experiences position her to effectively partner with CFS’s customers and their supply chains in achieving […]

Dirk Nikoleiski
Regional Manager EMEA

Dirk’s 30 years of manufacturing and corporate experience span over the cheese, grocery, biscuits, confections […]

Claudia Baenen
Business Development Analyst

According to Claudia delivering meaningful solutions, measurable results and great customer service are crucial  […]

Ross Bentley
Food Safety Specialist

Ross joins CFS as a Food Safety Specialist with extensive experience in the food industry working for both Nestlé and Kraft […]

Karin Blacow - Food Safety Specialist
Food Safety Specialist

Karin partners with food processors in their food safety journey, driving sanitation and hygienic design improvements. 19 years working […]

Kristine Bravo
Administrative Assistant

Kris strives to make all of our customers and training participants feel welcome. […]

Nicole Cammarata - Training Specialist
Training Specialist

Nicole  assists food industry professionals in developing, improving and meeting their food safety and sanitation […]

Stephanie Faucetta - Food Safety Specialist
Food Safety Specialist

Stephanie joins Commercial Food Sanitation with 15 years of quality assurance experience at General Mills […]

Crystal Ferreras, Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator

As a CFS project coordinator, Crystal’s seamless execution helps us exceed our customers’ expectations […]

Sabrina Ferretti, FSS Small
Food Safety Specialist

As a Food Engineer specialized in food safety, Sabrina’s mission is to help companies deliver safe consumer foods […]

April Gu
Project Coordinator

April engaged in different roles prior to joining Commercial Food Sanitation. The last ten years […]

Kerry Hart, Food Safety Specialist
Food Safety Specialist

Kerry has a wide variety of experience in both USDA and FDA regulated facilities. His fortes include pathogen elimination, sanitor safety, hygienic design, and […]

Yongsheng Jia, Senior Food Safety Specialist
Senior Food Safety Specialist

With 12+ years of quality and food safety management experience, in the food industry and as a consultant, Yongsheng […]

Rick Katz - Food Safety Specialist
Food Safety Specialist

Rick brings over 35 years of food manufacturing leadership in plant and corporate settings […]

Brad Klemme
Senior Food Safety Specialist

Brad brings 25 years of food manufacturing leadership in both manufacturing plants and corporate positions. His extensive  […]

David LeMeur, FSS Small
Food Safety Specialist

After a 10 year career managing quality systems, in the food and personal care products industry, David joins CFS to  […]

Senior Food Safety Specialist

As a Senior Food Safety Specialist, Nathan brings years of food manufacturing leadership in both manufacturing  […]

Food Safety Specialist

Andrea has held various positions in USDA and FDA plants processing prepared frozen foods, cheese, dairy, beverages, low acid canned foods, […]

Clara Pan - Food Safety Specialist
Food Safety Specialist

With her training experience, love for cross cultural work and bilingual (English/Chinese) background, Yanying […]

Cari Rasmussen - Food Safety Specialist
Food Safety Specialist

Cari’s role included helping the facilities develop and implement food safety/quality programs such as […]

Food Safety Specialist

Hugo brings a wealth of experience in the areas of food safety, quality systems, sanitation, safety, security, […]

Andres Rodriguez - Food Safety Specialist (Small)
Food Safety Specialist

Andres’ career started at Campden BRI where he worked in the Microbiology Department supporting the food industry with […]

Food Safety Specialist

During Edwin’s career he has worked in multiple sectors of the food industry having experience in meat/poultry, cheese […]

Anthony Saitta
Food Safety Specialist

Anthony began his career in plant quality, where he played a key role in quality program development and implementation; […]

Veronica Sanchez - Food Safety Specialist
Food Safety Specialist

In addition to 8 years of laboratory experience Veronica brings along 10+ years of experience in the food industry […]

Food Safety Specialist

With a background in design engineering, Roger first became involved in food protection and processing while […]

Senior Food Safety Specialist

Over the course of her career, Pat has taken on numerous roles in quality, food safety, sanitation, and production across […]

Patti Tobin
Food Safety Specialist

Patti joins CFS with over 39 years of manufacturing leadership experience with Kraft Foods in both plant and corporate roles.  […]

Marilia Victal, Food Safety Specialist
Food Safety Specialist

Over the course of her 12+ years in the food industry, Marilia has held various positions in the food supply chain in Quality Management […]

Zoe Wang
Food Safety Specialist

With nearly 8 years of quality assurance, food safety and audit experience at Mars, Coca-Cola, Hershey and Roche Diagnostics, Zoe (Qian) joins […]

Penny Liping Yu - small
Food Safety Specialist

After working in quality assurance at Mars for five years, Penny joins Commercial Food Sanitation as a Food Safety  […]

Senior Food Safety Specialist
Senior Food Safety Specialist

Prior to joining Commercial Food Sanitation, Fiona brings 22 years of experience in various roles within the food industry […]

Yue Joy Zheng
Food Safety Specialist

Yue’s experience and knowledge include microbial troubleshooting, sanitation processes and methods, and hygienic design […]

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