We all have some knowledge on hygienic designs. In my past, I was more focused on the design of equipment, but I still enriched this skill thanks to tools shared and also hands-on activities, expert experiences and real case examples shared between participants. [In the CFS Hygienic Design Training,] we applied these tools in a hands-on manner to real equipment and highlighted the improvements of the design with their evolution. This will help me with the review of different designs, the development of plant requirements/standards and FAT completion. It will benefit my ongoing projects by making sure that contractors follow proper design in building and installation of process equipment. Sharing experiences with other participants was also particularly constructive all along the training.

The training also covers design of building including material choices and the study of flow paths in the overall plant. This will help me lead projects with a better focus on hygienic design and therefor will profit Lactalis in the long run.

The importance of the involvement of the different stakeholders (Sanitation, Production, Quality, Safety, Maintenance, etc.) in modifications and new installations were highlighted by the trainers and in the group activities.

For these reasons this training matches completely my activities and fits Lactalis goals. I will share this knowledge with our team.

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