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Workshops – Bring CFS training to your facility

  • Different types of knowledge events at your facility:
  • CFS Trainers come to you
  • Typically 1½ day
  • Get your entire team trained up
  • Based on practical examples from your facility
  • Aligns all participants on Food Safety priorities
  • Finish with a jointly agreed action plan for practical improvement implementation

At your plant

Workshops take place at your facility. This allows you to have your entire team participate with minimal travel.

The expert trainers will arrive early to do a walk through of your plant prior to the workshop to enable them to include visuals and examples from your facility, making the workshop a lot more effective.



Exact dates for the workshop will be agreed in close collaboration with you.


A typical workshop takes 1½ days.  Duration may be adjusted as required based on your learning objectives and customized agenda.



Workshops are hands-on and therefore highly effective. We limit participation (12-16) to guarantee each student gets an optimal learning experience. Larger groups are possible in consultation.

1½ day workshop costs USD 13,500 / EUR 13,500 / AUD 17,500 / RMB 101,000 (incl. expenses).


Pricing  may vary depending on final agenda, agreed workshop duration, and number of participants. We will help you determine optimums to reach your learning objectives. You will always receive a formal proposal from CFS.


Pricing includes classroom and workshop set up, preparation and handouts of training materials, and certificates of completion.

Check out our Workshops to see which one best fits your needs.

FoodSafe Conveyor Workshop Details

The award-winning FoodSafe Conveyor Workshop is designed around conveyors and uniquely aligns operational excellence efforts with a food safety mindset, incl. improved foreign material control (FMC)


Delivered by Food Safety Specialists and Engineers, this workshop covers all critical elements in a conveyor’s life cycle;
from optimal conveyor design, installation and production startup, effective hygiene and sanitation, to developing a long-term conveyor preventive maintenance program.

Workshop Topics

The agenda covers practical how-to’s on managing conveyor life-cycles: from design and concept, through startup, (preventive) maintenance, sanitation, to hazard control.


It is delivered in an interactive setting, through a combination of classroom and hands-on learning.


Who Should Attend?
A cross-functional group of your company’s leaders in Maintenance, Engineering, Operations, Quality, and Sanitation.
Taught by a trainer team of a CFS Food Safety Specialist and an Intralox Application Engineer, their combined expertise is transferred to your team.


Learning Objectives 

  • Align key personnel on the linkage between conveyor performance and food safety
  • Manage conveyor life cycle, from concept to end-of-life, through a food safety lens by creating awareness of key factors impacting product quality and plant productivity
  • Build team understanding of prevention strategies in conveyor design and maintenance
  • Recognize key aspects affecting conveyor performance and life
  • Minimize conveyor-related food safety risk, incl. specific focus on reduction of foreign material contamination
  • Stronger and measurable maintenance, sanitation, and pathogen control programs and execution
  • Drive operational excellence by aligning multi-disciplinary personnel in support of a food safe culture
  • Recognize that every team member has unique strengths to help build a richer food safety culture
FoodSafe Conveyance Workshop FSCW

Hygiene Workshop Details

Workshops are taught by CFS Food Safety Specialists and are a combination of classroom and hands-on learning. At the end of the 1½ day Hygiene workshop, successful completion will be recognized with a certificate.

Workshop Topics

The Hygiene Workshop brings key elements of the CFS training curriculum to your facility.

The workshop agenda is customized for your business needs, in close collaboration with you.

Who Should Attend?
The target audience for your workshop depends on the focus, topics, and agreed agenda of your Hygiene Workshop.

It can be an Engineering, Maintenance, Designers, Project Management oriented group, a Sanitation, Food Safety, Quality oriented group, or a combination.

You may also consider adding representatives of your OEM’s to the workshop.

Learning Objectives 

  • Workshop agenda is customized for your desired learning objectives:
    • Focus on hygienic design, including impact on sanitation
    • Focus on sanitation with hygienic design as an integral part
  • Based on practical examples and hands-on activities in your facility, your team jointly prioritizes and creates action plans for areas of improvement for your facility. Your team will come out of the workshop with increased knowledge, all participants aligned and a practical improvement implementation plan ready-to-go.
Hygiene Workshop WS

For a proposal, to understand possible dates for a Workshop at your facility or any other questions contact us here or email training@cf-san.com.

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