Cheese Market News | October 4, 2019 | by Trina La Susa.

MCLEAN, Va. — The Process Expo Innovations Showcase received dozens of new products entries from exhibiting companies that will be considered for the Most Innovative Products and People’s Choice Award during the 2019 Process Expo in Chicago. A panel of editors from industry trade publications have selected three finalists in six markets, including dairy; bakery/ snacks; beverages; meat/poultry; prepared foods, fruits/vegetables; and pet foods.

Tuesday, Oct. 8, each of the 17 finalists will give a 3-minute presentation to a panel of food processor judges who will vote for the Most Innovative Products. Process Expo attendees are invited to the presentations and also will be invited to judge all entries and enter their vote for the People’s Choice Award. Voting ends at 3 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 10.

According to Process Expo’s guidelines, winning products will be selected based on the following criteria: innovative distinction from other products/equipment currently available in the food processing industry; provides benefit to the food/beverage industry, processor, and/or consumer; disrupts the status quo to better serve the industry; provides practicality of implementation; and provides value to the customer.

“Attendees are invited to join us at the showcase where they will learn about the newest innovations from leading industry companies,” says Jarrod McCarroll, chairman of the Food Processing Suppliers Association and president of Weber, Inc. “ This Innovations Showcase was launched during the 2017 event and was very well received by both the attendees and the exhibitors. It is highly competitive and gives attendees a great cross section of innovations hitting the market in all vertical segments.”

Process Expo Innovations Showcase finalists for the cheese, dairy, milk and yogurt category include: the FoodSafe Conveyance Workshop by Commercial Food Sanitation, an Intralox Company; the X-Ray Scanner CPS-X 400 by Weber Inc.; and the PP20H pressure sensor by Baumer Ltd.

FoodSafe Conveyance Workshop

The FoodSafe Conveyance Workshop delivers both technical and food safety knowledge tailored to a multidisciplinary team at any dairy or food processing plant that uses conveyors in production processes. Designed to boost a team’s technical knowledge on conveyors to safeguard performance, productivity, safe food processing and product quality while building a passion for food safety, Commercial Food Sanitation says the workshop delivers a practical how-to on managing conveyor life cycles from design and concept, through start-up, preventive maintenance, sanitation and hazard control.

“The one and a half day on-site FoodSafe Conveyance Workshop is the first of its kind to align multidisciplinary, key personnel on linkage between conveyor performance and food safety,” says Nicole Cammarata, global training specialist, Commercial Food Sanitation.

“It’s a full program that sparks enthusiasm amongst the participants, and oftentimes, underlying procedural issues emerge from these discussions. Collaboratively adapting these procedures can have a very positive effect on daily food safety conditions.”
CFS Food Safety Specialists and Intralox Engineering Experts team up to deliver this workshop at a customer’s plant. They review the facility and production lines, and then integrate site observations into the workshop, which allows for discussion, learning and improvement ideas.

Innovations showcase finalist Weber Inc. says its new X-Ray Scanner CPS-X 400 is designed to help mid to large sized cheese processors with weight-accurate slicing of specialty cheeses with holes, such as Swiss cheese. The new system allows up to six products in one scan cycle and can determine density of products with significant density differences (fat/ lean proportion). The X-Ray Scanner CPS-X 400 transfers products in a continuous flow process. Products go through the scanner where the mass allocation of each product is determined using X-ray technology, then are weighed on the integrated weighing station according to individual tracks. The system features a two-stage safety guarding for its radiation source, the company adds.

Baumer Ltd. says its new PP20H pressure sensor in the showcase finals was designed with milk and ice cream processors in mind, and any OEM or integrator designing for hygienic applications with extreme temperature fluctuation. The sensor has IP69Krated stainless steel housing, which is designed to handle a variety of applications, and it is equipped with a condensate-proof silicon measuring cell. It also is CIP and SIP-capable. The new pressure sensor covers the wide media temperature range from -20°C to 125°C without requiring a cooling line. Its scaled pressure range from -1 to 40 bar and range of process connections also make the sensor versatile, the company adds.

Process Expo attendees can visit www.myprocessexpo.com/vote to vote and enter their email address for a chance to win a Google Home, which will be awarded before 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 10. For more information, visit www.myprocessexpo.com/innovationsshowcase-gallery.

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