An interview with CFS’ Dirk Nikoleiski

EHEDG Connects | July 27,  2021.



The European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) published a new EHEDG Guideline on ‘Basic Principles of Cleaning and Disinfection in Food Manufacturing’. This video interview with EHEDG Working Group Chair Dirk Nikoleiski provides you a sneak preview of the contents, the new format and the practical value of this new guideline.


“In pulling this Guideline together we literally had all stakeholders represented in our working group: suppliers of chemistry and other cleaning solutions, equipment manufacturers, food manufacturers, researchers and retailers as well”, comments Nikoleiski, “so this is why I can say it is not for food manufacturers only, as we have input from all parties involved in this aspect.”



EHEDG Guideline Document 52 will be freely available as a pdf-download for all EHEDG members at www.ehedg.org/guidelines.