Debating: “Is the food safety system getting too clean?”

FoodSafetyNews.com | August 1, 2016 | by Dan Flynn.


At the IAFP 2016 Annual Conference in St. Louis, debaters pitted against each other on various topics. Dan Flynn, Food Safety News wrote a summarizing article. Commercial Food Sanitation President, Joe Stout, represented the “con” side in the “too clean” debate. Find a summary below, and the full article here. 



The questions debated concerned whether the food safety system is getting “too clean,” possibily putting us at risk for other ramifications; whether food safety risk messages should be different for millennials vs. baby boomers, and, finally, whether the use of sanitizers for food surfaces is endangering human health.



On the “pro” side of the “too clean” question, Ohio State University’s Jeffrey Lejeune squared off against Commercial Food Sanitation’s Joseph Stout, representing the “con” side. The audience came down 81-18 for Stout. The Libertyville, IL, sanitation expert made the case that we are too far from perfect to be “too clean.”


IAFP2016 Joe at Debate