Developing Hygiene Professionals for the Food Industry

International Food Hygiene | Volume 26 Number 4 (2015) | Submitted by Karin Blacow.


Commercial Food Sanitation, an Intralox company, is committed to developing hygiene professionals for the food industry. They believe that sanitation is integral for companies to achieve successful operations and food safety, and therefore seek to foster excellence in this area.

On 6-8th October 2015, CFS will offer Sanitation Essentials Training in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This course covers all essentials of sanitation. Training topics include wet sanitation, dry sanitation, environmental monitoring, allergen validation/cleaning, developing written cleaning procedures, master sanitation schedules, evaluating equipment sanitary design, COP fundamentals, overview of CIP principles, managing the business of sanitation, and the importance of sanitation.


Classroom sessions are uniquely combined with hands-on team workshops that serve to reinforce learning experiences on specific, critical sanitation elements. Students will be tested to help ensure proficient competency in offered training topics. At the end of the two and a half day training, successful completion will be recognised by certification.


The course is suitable for any professionals who need or desire to learn critical details about food sanitation and food safety, including: new sanitation or quality supervisors; operations or maintenance managers/supervisors; managers from plant, micro-, or corporate quality areas.
To ensure an optimal learning experience, participation is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Early birds receive a discount. More training will take place in New Orleans, USA on 15-17th September, 20-22nd October and 27-29th October and in Shanghai, China on 9-11th November.
These are all open for international participants.




Watch the video and learn more about Sanitation Essentials Training here.

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