We get to see the results of our work in grocery stores all around the world.

Intralox.com | September 2016.


“To those working in the food business; it is really an honor to help feed the world, and it is a big responsibility!”, says Darin Zehr, General Manager at Commercial Food Sanitation. “So when you talk about training and learning, it is about making sure people get that passion. We have designed our training programs so participants learn to engage really well, they work as a team and get the technical knowledge they need… and ultimately we want them to get a passion for food safety. So that minute by minute they are making the right decisions to ensure the food that is going out and that the consumer is eating, is safe!”


“We help our customers bring their products to the market in a safe and more efficient way”, comments Killian Lapeyre, Business Unit Manager Hygienic Platform.



Watch the entire video here and check out intralox.com/hygienic_system for more information on the holistic approach the company is taking on hygiene and food safety.