International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) 2020 Award Recognition Presentation | October 2020 | by Ruth Petran, IAFP Vice President.

The IAFP Food Safety award, sponsored by the Consumer Brands Association, honors an individual or organization for outstanding contributions to the field of food safety.

Joe Stout received the award in recognition of his long time devotion to and immense knowledge of food safety. One of his letters of recommendations states: “Joe’s 45 years of history and work experience in industry has lead to an incredible depth of knowledge in food safety, sanitation and hygienic design that is virtually unsurpassed in the food industry.”

“I am very humbled to be honored with the 2020 Food Safety Award,” says Stout. “Food Safety to me it is a passion and has been my life’s work. It has been a privilege to be engaged especially in the area of sanitation which is critical for food safety and public health. When it comes to producing high quality and safe food, the food industry has come such a long way and it has been a pleasure to be part of shaping the journey. I am proud of my thirty year tenure at Kraft Foods where I learned so much, however the apple of my eye is the Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS) team that we have built over the past decade. All our Food Safety Specialists share that same passion for Food Safety, Hygienic Design and Sanitation. Through this team of experts we can support the food industry globally to achieve highest food safety standards, and moreover help consumers around the world eat safe and delicious food products.”

Congratulations, Joe Stout, for this well deserved achievement award.