Food safety remains a growing concern and priority throughout the food industry.

GroceryHeadquarters.com | July 5, 2016 | by Ricard Turcsik.


The July cover article of Grocery Headquarters is dedicated to the growing concern of food safety and the effect of recalls on retailers. Commercial Food Sanitation provides a perspective from the food industry.  Find a summary below, and the full article here. 

“Our food chain is actually getting safer,” says Darin Zehr, general manager, Commercial Food Sanitation, an Intralox company based in Harahan, La. that integrates strategic consulting, expertise and training to provide durable solutions to food safety and sanitation challenges for food processing plants. “It is probably safer now than it has ever been, but with the new abilities around testing and identifying issues, the illnesses and recalls that are identified are probably trending up.”


Product testing, for example, is continually getting more accurate.
“The technology around testing is growing by leaps and bounds and that can help on the preventative side,” Zehr says. “The sanitation and food safety preventative programs not only need to be strong, but the execution of them needs to be flawless every day. It is critical that the people within the plants get trained properly, have the right technical knowledge and are very passionate around food safety.



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