Sanitation: Stout’s perspective on pathogen control

FoodSafetyMagazine.com | June/July, 2015 | by Joe Stout R.S.


Pathogens occur naturally in the environment and can easily infect and populate in food plants. The pathogen control equation provides a holistic approach to preventive controls and its use has endured the test of time in the food industry segments where it has been applied.


Commercial Food Sanitation Founder, Joe Stout, was invited by Food Safety Magazine to provide his perspective on Pathogen control. He provides a detailed description of the six Pathogen Control Equation Principles and how each component helps eliminate/control the presence of pathogens. He sums up with an interesting and significant learning opportunity from the pathogen control equation: when fully implemented, in addition to controlling pathogens, it is good for quality and business. Experience shows that the shelf life of many microsensitive products has significantly increased, indicating that this process controls not only pathogens but also spoilage organisms. This process leads to satisfied customers with higher-quality products and reduced spoilage: a win-win for the processors and consumers!


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